Meet Our Pain Management Doctors

The pain management physicians at Jax Spine & Pain Centers are Northeast Florida’s experts in interventional pain management treatments.

Dr. Christopher Roberts, Pain Management Physician

“I established JAX Spine & Pain Centers in 1999, with the goal of creating a patient centric interventional spine center. I’m extremely proud of the high level of care we provide to our patients and the diverse experience of our pain intervention specialists. We are always expanding our services, our techniques and our technologies to…

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Dr. Claudio Vincenty, Pain Management Physician

“My goal as a physician is to treat patients as I would like to be treated. The most basic trait is to listen and be honest. It is a given that patients expect and will receive state of the art treatment. The difference is that it will be delivered in a personalized way with compassion…

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Dr. John Carey, Pain Management Physician

“I am very interested in the development of new pain relief techniques and the evolving science around Regenerative Medicine. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other healthcare professionals so that they can join me in my passion in using the very latest technologies and most advance procedures to help patients overcome pain.” With his cutting-edge…

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Dr. Michael Hanes, Pain Management Physician

“I chose to specialize in interventional pain medicine because it’s rewarding to help my patients find relief from their chronic pain. Many of them have been struggling to find the right treatment that will help restore their quality of life. I find great satisfaction in tackling that challenge and helping them get their lives back…

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Dr. Justin Mann, Pain Management Physician

“The field of Pain Medicine is one of the main reasons that I chose to become an Anesthesiologist. Though patients in pain represent one of the most difficult populations to treat, it is extremely satisfying to make a real difference in everyday lives by reducing or even eliminating pain. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know…

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Dr. Aravind Reddy, Pain Management Physician

“As physicians our ability to treat not only pain but also suffering enables our patients to lead productive lives as part of society. I am interested in helping my patients become their most functional self and to engage the challenges of their daily life. I chose to pursue the field of pain management out of…

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Dr. Nicholas Bremer, Pain Management Physician

“I take pride in liberating patients from daily medications, and strive to help patients resume an active lifestyle, achieve their individual goals, and improve functionality. I believe in compassionate, patient-centered care, which addresses the emotional impact of pain. Just as every flight plan in aviation, I believe each patient deserves his or her own tailor-made,…

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Dr. David Salek, Pain Management Physician

“Every patient deserves to be heard. I strive to find the best data-driven therapies for my patients to achieve meaningful and lasting outcomes so that pain does not define them. I enjoy the novelty of patient conditions and utilizing the art of medicine to solve unique problems. The number of conditions we can treat without…

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Dr. Monica Carrion-Jones, Pain Management Physician

“Physical medicine is a combination of orthopedics and neurology. It focuses on the neurological side of pain and how to correct it. It’s a functional discipline – getting people back to the way they lived before pain interrupted their quality of life. In the past, a doctor would take imaging and then tell the patient…

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Dr. Justin Alfonso, Pain Management Physician

“Throughout my career I have witnessed how chronic pain can significantly impact and individual’s quality of life. My passion is to inspire and empower my patients in regaining their normal functionality. Most importantly, pain management allows me to develop meaningful relationships with my patients, which is something I find very fulfilling.” Dr. Alfonso is Board-Certified…

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Dr. Kassia Silva, Pain Management Physician

“I believe that to treat pain effectively, one must address its physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.  I focus on finding the physical cause of pain, while making the patient aware of any emotional or psychological aspects for its cause.  Pain is personal, but its treatment takes the engagement of both the patient and physician.  My…

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