CRPS + Jax Spine & Pain Centers

Call 904.223.3321 to Schedule an Appointment TODAY   Millions of Americans are struggling with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Jax Spine & Pain Centers Dr. Michael Hanes provides important information about living with CRPS. Furthermore, he explains how to prepare for a surgical procedure and what you can do to prevent CRPS from spreading. Here…

Pain Creeps Up with Age

How Chronic Pain Creeps Up As We Age

Call 904.223.3321 to Schedule an Appointment TODAY   The Continuum of Chronic Pain and Aging What are the statistics for the elderly population? As our bodies age in later life, things begin to slowly but surely break down. You may find that more medications begin to enter your day-to-day life. Perhaps even more therapies may…


Pain Management at Middle Age

Pain management at middle age and a true understanding of it is imperative for maintaining the goal of optimal health. We believe a comprehensive management approach is necessary from the onset of any pain condition. That way a patient is set up in a much more adequate position to deal with common sequelae such as…