Elbow | Hand | Wrist Pain

The hand is one of the most amazing parts of your body. The complex organization of your hand involves bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, skin, and other structures that allow your body to perform a complex variety of activities.

With the ability to perform both delicate movements and aggressive lifting, we ask a lot of our hands. As a result, this complex variety of functions can lead to a complex array of conditions that can cause discomfort in the hands. In fact, many orthopedic specialists dedicate their entire career to helping patients solve complex problems of the hand.

Trying to summarize all of the causes of hand pain in a single resource is an impossible task. However, there are some conditions that cause the vast majority of symptoms of hand pain. Here we will cover some of these more common causes of hand pain, and some of the signs that you may need further help in solving your problem.

Our pain management doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating all kinds of elbow, hand, and wrist pain.

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