About Us


At Jacksonville Spine Center, our focus is on providing individualized care for our patients. Our staff initially concentrates on documenting detailed information related to a patient’s condition and the effect acute or chronic pain has had on their life. We then work closely with the individual to develop a treatment program specific to their needs, aimed at increasingly eliminating unnecessary pain and improving their quality of life.

Jacksonville Spine Center is North Florida’s premier interventional spine center, providing state of the art, clinically proven solutions for pain for over 10 years. Founder Dr. Chris Roberts established Jacksonville Spine in 1999,  with the goal of creating a patient centric interventional spine center.

Our physicians practice advanced techniques, including interventional procedures, medication management, and rehabilitation or a combination of these to address complex and multidimensional pain syndromes. Because every patient’s pain level and diagnosis is different, treatment plans are highly individualized. Throughout these processes, our highly trained physicians and staff document and assess the progress of a patient, and work with them to progressively tailor their treatment program to achieve the best possible results. Learn more about the services our clinic offers here.